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Richard L. Newell



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By Richard L. Newell


I have often been asked, - “What are the benefits of performing the Cosmic Expansion Meditative Exercise (CEME) and how much time does it take to do it?”


Let me first point out that more money is spent on ‘healthcare’ in the United States per person per year than any other country in the world. Yet, the population of the USA lags behind forty-six (46) other countries in overall good health. Realistically speaking, on a scale of zero (Death) to ten (Super Healthy), the vast majority in the US would receive a rating of LESS than THREE. A great many are rated less than ONE! No matter how healthy you perceive yourself to be, your overall health can always be improved.




CEME (seam) is a full body workout consisting of a series of simple, gentle, slow moving exercise segments coupled with the mechanics of meditative aerobics. The combination of effective physical exercise and meditation found in CEME has the potential of raising a person’s state of health significantly. Keep in mind that there are many factors which affect the overall health of an individual and performing CEME alone may not be sufficient.


I will present to you some observations from which you may draw your own conclusions. These are based on what others have reported by consistently and persistently incorporating CEME in their daily regime and faithfully following other practices recommended by Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health (CETHH).


  • I have an overall sensation of ‘feeling good’ and ‘feeling good about myself’. Charles A. - Colorado

  • My body is now supple and flexible. My joints move more freely with a lot less discomfort. Marty M. – Texas

  • I require less sleep, but I feel more invigorated. Skip H. – Massachusetts

  • I am staying focused and am able to accomplish more each day at home and at work. Betty J. – California

  • Physical ‘sickness’ is a thing of the past. I hardly ever ‘catch’ anything that is going around, and when I do, which is rarely, it is just a trifle or a light case. Truman W. – Minnesota

  • My senses are more acute and I am breathing a lot easier. Mable R. – Rhode Island

  • Before starting the (CEME) exercises a little over two years ago, my lifestyle revolved around doctor appointments and taking twenty-three different prescription drugs at all hours of the day and night. Now I am down to four prescriptions and hardly ever see a doctor. I can hardly believe how much energy I have and how much better I feel. Watson J. – Trenton, NJ

  • There is a lot less p--n (agony) when I walk and I can actually go up a short flight of stairs without stopping. Reggie T. – Ohio

  • I’ve had some cuts, bruises and other little accidents, but I am healing faster since I’ve been doing the CEME. Jackson H. - Nevada

  • I thot (thought) I was gonna die pretty quick. But now I think I’ll be round (around) quite a bit longer. Penny T.  - West Virginia

  • Thanks to CEME, I now combine meditation and exercise together and save more than an hour every day. Roxanne O. - Florida

From the experience of these, and many others, you may anticipate:
  • Feeling better.

  • Having a brighter outlook on life.

  • Requiring less sleep.

  • More comfort; less hurting.

  • Being able to accomplish more each day (increased productivity).

  • Quicker healing and having little downtime due to illness.

  • Greater longevity.

From these and several other potential benefits, it is easy to conclude that performing Cosmic Expansion Meditative Exercise doesn’t ‘take’ time. . . It gives you back much more ‘time’ than that which you invest.



I was a ‘basket case’ for the first twenty months following serious head trauma/brain injury which I sustained in March of 2004. It was all I could do to handle mere basic activities of daily living and continue with my daily meditative exercises. Over time, brain tissue regenerated and new circuits were formed and I experienced several quantum leaps in mentation at various intervals over the intervening years (from 2006 to the present).


At the close of 2016 I still find that coping with several residual cognitive issues is very challenging. Nevertheless, since my second leap in mentation (May 2006) I left Florida (August 2006) and literally carved out a homestead in the rugged terrain of the Arkansas Ozarks which is now dedicated as a center for healing and meditation. Thereafter, in 2013, I founded Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health (CETHH).


From March 2014 into May 2016 (two years and two months) I wrote all thirty-six (36) books of the BRAIN ENRICHMENT SYSTEM; modeled after the successful (Healthy Mind) therapy which I devised for myself. In June, 2016 I created and developed a completely new form of artwork. (See section on DENT ROOT SCULPTURE.) In October, 2016 I expanded my multi-faceted career path by processing and distributing High Quality Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster Nuggets (QUCCNs).


Everything that I do requires an immense amount of will power and concentrated mental effort – hour by hour and minute by minute. When I lose my concentration, which happens quite frequently, I have to stop and figure out where I am, what I have been doing, and how to get back to doing whatever it was . . .


Communication with others can be extremely challenging. Auditory Processing Deficit (APD) garbles incoming sounds of others speaking. Speech Processing Deficit (SPD), also known as Conduction Disconnection Aphasia, blocks me from expressing myself vocally from the thoughts which I can see clearly in my mind’s eye. Therefore, I must rely on lip reading and using various forms of non-verbal communication whenever possible.


Sensory Overload (SO), which can be triggered from a myriad of sources, greatly diminishes mentation and exacerbates (increases) the effect of APD and SPD. When other factors such as ADHD (Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and Dyslexia come into play, life can be, AND IS, quite a puzzle.


I have had to simplify most aspects of my life, but this short narrative demonstrates that it is possible to succeed, and have prolific productivity as well, despite whatever difficulties and challenges of life we encounter. It is by accepting our circumstances in life, being grateful for what we have been given, and envisioning our challenges as stepping stones, that we develop the strength to grow, progress, and endure to the end.


Richard L. Newell - Arkansas


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