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You Can Become a Professional Holistic Healer in Just Six Months


Richard L. Newell


A recent college graduate told me that she would be five years away from retirement before her student loans could be paid off. From other sources I learned that this is quite common among those who receive degrees from colleges and universities.


My question is, “Why go to college just to learn how to get a dead-ended J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)? When, for a fraction of the time and expense, you can leverage your time and be well on your way to financial independence”


In a strategically brilliant merger, EMBRacing Abundance and Cosmic Expansion (EMBRA.C.E.), Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health (CETHH), and The Valley of Renewell, LLC joined forces to streamline your rocket ride to $ucce$$. Your one-way ticket, bundles TWO high-demand, high-paying, interlocking career elements, and fuses them into ONE six month retreat and course of study for one LOW ($5,500 USD) tuition fee.

After successfully completing your training, you can soon experience lift-off into your new career as a combined:


  • Certified EMBRA.C.E.-L.I.F.E. (Living Is For Eternity) Holistic Guide [Scroll down to learn more] and a

  • Franchised CETHH Holistic Healer/Instructor. [Scroll down to learn more.]

Each of these has the earning potential which typically compares to that of a university graduate. One career; twice the income. Individual results vary.


Here’s something which makes this package even sweeter. . .


You instantly become an affiliated Independent Valley of Renewell Internet Business Owner, and have an opportunity to “earn as you learn” starting from day one. And here is the best part. You don’t have to do anything about managing or ‘running’ this part of your new business. All you need to do is introduce new (worldwide) customers to Valley of Renewell through the venue(s) of your choice (internet, e-mail, direct mail, phone, texting, social media, flyers, brochures, word-of-mouth, etc.) – and we reward you with perpetual commissions on the products, goods, and services they buy. 




In today’s business world, successful entrepreneurs nearly always have multiple sources of income. Valley of Renewell offers you not two, but THREE - for the price of one.


We help you develop and expand your business and career - every step of the way. You can be launched and hurling towards your destiny long before your peers - who are mired down in the universities - or are smoldering in the environment of a hostile workforce while struggling hopelessly to get out of debt.


The present educational system in industrialized countries teaches its students how to ‘cram’, take tests, talk like a parrot, and (maybe) get a J.O.B. Our philosophy is to teach you how to get what you want most out of life by helping others to do the same.


Learn Smart! Work smart! Earn Smart! By using the right combination of resources, it is possible to achieve and maintain a respectable income on a short (two, three, or four day) workweek. It is totally counterproductive to work the long, hard hours demanded by Corporate America - or to do other things which lead to neglecting your family and friends. As David O. McKay succinctly stated, “No success in life can compensate for failure in the home”


  • Flexible Hours                                                  YES

  • Worldwide Opportunity                                    YES

  • Professional Support                                         YES

  • Continually Expanding Earning Potential        YES

Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Healers

Become a franchised professional Holistic Healer and Instructor.

A Six Month Pathway of Enlightenment Using Accelerated and Enhanced Methods.


More and more people are turning their backs on ‘western medicine’ and adopting much less risky, traditional forms of health care and wellness. In many areas of China and other countries, Holistic Healing coupled with Meditation has been the mainstay of good health and longevity for thousands of years. HOLISTIC healing is effective, affordable and bears little or no risk of producing adverse side effects.


The Holistic approach to health is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and elsewhere. An especially potent form of these ancient healing modalities has emerged and is now bears the title: Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health.


The number of individuals seeking competent HOLISTIC healing is growing by leaps and bounds. This has resulted in an increased demand for qualified HOLISTIC healers. To help meet these needs, The Valley of Renewell’s Center for Healing and Meditation includes an educational component for developing proficient Professional Healers and Instructors.






A multi-faceted career gives you more opportunity for $ucce$$.


Do what you love. Love what you do.

EMBRA.C.E.-L.I.F.E. (Living Is For Eternity) Holistic Guide

EMBRA.C.E.-L.I.F.E. Holistic Guiding is in the upper echelon of the trillion dollar Personal Development Industry. This whopping figure is for the United States alone. World-wide projections are absolutely astronomical.


In 2015 The United States Department of Labor projected the demand for Success Coaches to surge by twenty-one percent (21%) over a seven year period (2015-2022), whereas the anticipated rise in the workforce numbers, in general, is projected to be less than eleven percent (11%). Valley of Renewell EMBRA.C.E.-L.I.F.E. Holistic Guides have a distinct advantage over other ‘success coaches’ because we have so much more to offer you and your clients pertaining to personal health, growth and eternal progression.


Our philosophy: Healthy Mind. Healthy Body. Healthy Spirit. Healthy Emotions. Healthy Pocketbook. Our tried and proven methods are unquestionably transformational. Valley of Renewell transforms you into an EMBRA.C.E.-L.I.F.E. Holistic Guide. Your foundation is deep and broad based. The scope of your capabilities is far reaching and covers an incontestably wide expanse. As an EMBRA.C.E.-L.I.F.E. Holistic Guide, you have all the ‘tools’ and knowhow to completely transform your clients. Your clients transform their homes and families. Families transform their communities. Ultimately, you play an important part in transforming the entire world – for the better.


We invite you to enroll now so that you may walk this serene pathway through the Valley of Everlasting Renewell which leads you to empowerment as an entry level Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Healer/Instructor and a Certified EMBRA.C.E.-L.I.F.E. (Living Is For Eternity) Holistic Guide - in only six short months.



As part of a Holistic society, ours is a drug/smoke free facility within a fifty-one acre drug/smoke free zone. The majority of our activities are carried out in ‘quiet mode’.

Retreat enrollment is open to men and women. Minimum age - eighteen. There is no upper limit.

Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent is desirable, but is not mandatary. Above average intelligence and having multiple talents are certainly beneficial but are not required. Must be able to be persistent and consistent in the pursuit of excellence.

  • It is very important to want to help people and be kind, compassionate, loving and forgiving to all.

  • Use no profanity - clothing and appearance is modest.

  • Use no substances which adversely affect health – e.g. alcohol or other legal/illegal drugs, nicotine in any of its forms, etc.

  • Must be physically fit and have good stamina. (Don’t confuse physical fitness with physical challenges. There is a difference. Many physically challenged individuals are, most certainly, physically fit).

  • Is emotionally well-adjusted and interacts easily with others.

  • Must be able to stay focused for an hour or more at a time.

  • Tolerant of the Religious/Political views of others.


Note: There is currently dormitory-style housing for a maximum of 22 participants (12 female and 10 male). Women’s dorm is on the second floor. Men’s dorm is on one floor and is equipped for wheelchair use.


In lieu of dormitory lodging, three (3) RV/CAMPSITES w/water, electricity, and dump station are available. By selecting this option, additional trainees may be admitted to the program.  






LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE. Retreats are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and can start any month of the year when openings become available. – Expect to be productively occupied 5 ½ days per week – minor holidays included.


There is a tuition of USD $5,500 per participant (subject to change due to fluctuations in the economy) for the six month Professional Healer/Holistic Guide Retreat. Tuition includes lodging, two large shared kitchens, two laundry areas, and all related study materials. Participants are responsible for their own laundry, food, clothing, items for personal care and hygiene, etc. Involvement in group food procurement and meal preparation is optional.



A caterpillar grows, matures, forms its chrysalis and metamorphoses into a resplendent butterfly.


An individual emerges from its embryonic state, rises above the masses, enters the Valley as a Holistic Trainee and is gradually transfigured into an effulgent Professional Holistic Practitioner/Healer/Instructor/Guide.


Likewise, a Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Healer/Guide who lives in the world develops the ability to live apart from the world and ascend above counterproductive influences of the world.


The lifestyle of a trainee is simple and contemplative. Exposure to influences which may detract from the transformation process (e.g., commercial television, radio, newspapers, loud secular music, toxic lyrics and thoughts, frequent non-business related text messaging, electronic games, etc.) is discouraged. Participation in daily self-healing physical exercise is mandatory. Preferred forms of relaxation and recreation are encouraged.


An emphasis is placed on personal growth and progression. Each trainee progresses as an individual. Ample opportunity is provided for developing and expanding higher faculties of the mind. We operate under a pass/fail (demonstrate-what-you- have-learned) format. No stressful and/or competitive examinations are administered. There is no reason to even contemplate failing. It is anticipated that virtually all trainees will become Empowered Holistic Healers/Instructors and Guides.


Trainees are encouraged to participate in religious observances of their choice.


  • Computer, laptop, or other internet device which does NOT operate on the Verizon network. There is NO Verizon coverage in the Valley of Renewell. Two Ethernet locations are currently available; more can be added. Wi-Fi is in the planning stage.

  • Active e-mail account.

  • Active PayPal account – this is the venue the Valley of Renewell, LLC uses to pay its affiliates.

  • Participation in any/and all Valley of Renewell, LLC activity/activities implies agreement with its Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and its Waiver of Liability.




The Ozarks Center for Meditation and Healing is located nine miles south of Yellville, Arkansas in the VALLEY OF EVERLASTING RENEWELL.



Valley of Renewell. LLC

Healthier Mind, Body,
Spirit, Emotions - 

and A Healthier Pocketbook!